More performances and longer engine’s life, all at small costs…

High Flow “water proof” Air Cleaner kit for Triumph Street Twin, Street Cup & T100 2016 up

Why don’t you read what I am talking about?

Imagine being surrounded by a very polluted air and having just finished a run, you would certainly need to take a deep breath. But, if you try to breath that polluted air in large quantities you are going to cough. So you would decide to put something in front of your mouth to filter the air. At first, you would try putting a piece of paper in front of your mouth, the air in this way would be filtered through the paper, but you would struggle to breath a sufficient amount of air. Then you would try putting one of those masks made specifically to filter the polluted air, which allows you to breath more and especially only cleaned air… what would you prefer to use? I could imagine you would prefer the mask, so why don’t you dedicate the same care to your bike?

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Does the bike move with joggling? Do you often change the chain?


Maybe you will solve your problems with this product.

The transmission mechanism of a motorcycle is quite simple, made in most of the cases by two toothed wheels, one connected to the crankshaft (front sprocket) and one connected to the rear rim (rear sprocket), and by a chain, whose task is to transmit the rotary motion of the driving wheel, the front sprocket, to the driven wheel, which is the rear sprocket.

The front sprocket is never in axis with the swingarm pivot, except for some prototype motorcycles, so the overall length of the chain should change during the wheel travel, becoming maximum when the front sprocket, axle of the swingarm and rear sprocket are aligned.

This type of mechanism let the chain stretch at the moment of maximum extension, but it is not tense during the rest of the vertical movement of the wheel. Longer is the swingarm, less is the effetc at the same run of the rear suspension.

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Forward control kit for Triumph Bonneville Bobber


Are you a tall person? Do you want more ergonomics? Check this and demand more for your Bobber!

More than anyone had tagged the Triumph Bobber as an exaggerated bike, too extreme and that would never sell… evidently, they did not understand it.

You can love it or hate it, but certain if you riding a Triumph Bonneville Bobber you will always be noticed.

The classic line, the saddle that seems to be suspended in the void and its charm are unquestionable. Even his technique is great.

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Want to raise the rear of you Bonneville T100-T120?


An easy solution to make your Triumph more sporty!

Since 1959, Triumph Bonneville tells a story of timeless charm with an unmistakable aesthetic, it tells of travels and sportiness, but most of all it tells/speaks about fun!

A characteristic that has always distinguished Triumph motorcycles was the pleasure of driving.

With its two parallel cylinders engine and the excellent cycling, Bonneville does not disappoint the expectations, but it is also true that the excellent cycling in the case of Bonneville can be customized to meet the needs of its owners. Since 2006, The Bonnevilles are very stable motorcycles during curve travel, but they are also a bit lazy and slow in the change of direction as well as in narrow streets or city traffic.

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Problems with Triumph suspensions?


An upgrade to make your suspensions similar to a race bike with less money.


We all know, our bike is not really ours until we customize it. When we decide to have more performances we usually buy some expensive products, like sports exhausts, additional control unit, more powerful braking systems or something like that, but we often do not consider a fundamental component: the suspensions. If you pay attention, when constructors create a track model, they always change suspensions.

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Have you ever felt some problems with your forks? Maybe the solution is easier and cheaper than you think.

Fork Spring Pre-load Adjustment kit for Triumph Fork Tube

Here some maintenance tips to keep front end in the best possible conditions!

Have you ever note some wobbling or other abnormal behavior? Have you ever been in the situation that you have to change your forks, but you did not do it because it’s too expensive? Maybe your problem can be solved in a cheaper way.

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Remap the control unit if I change the exhaust? From Today is just a memory.

Free Spirits H-Pipe De-cat for Triumph Street Scramblerph Street Scrambler

Thanks to the Free Spirits H-Pipe Exhaust manifold for Triumph Street Scrambler, you will not have to get your hand on the control unit for maximum performance.

This year we made a search among the owners of Triumph Street Scrambler. We asked them what the main component they would like to replace on their bike. The results obtained showed that most of them do not like the original Exhaust.

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Will look much better with H-PIPE for TRIUMPH STREET SCRAMBLER!

Free Spirits H-Pipe De-cat for Triumph Street Scrambler

With the Free Spirits H-Pipe de-cat, your engine will stop being choked thanks to free discharge of the exhaust gases!

You finally achieved the dream of traveling carefree on your new Triumph Street Scrambler. Woods, rivers, roads lost in the nowhere, only with your thoughts.

But after a while, you realize that emotions are not enough and you start to seek more from your bike.

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