Kevin Carmichael Stunt Bike - Day 2 - Suspensions


Our work starts from the chassis: suspensions and fork must be totally revisited, keeping in mind that the goal is creating a Stunt Bike: wheelies, stoppies and burnouts need to be done in the easier and safer way possible. 

The stock fork goes away and is replaced by a Speed Triple one, together with our Preload Adjustment kit, Springs kit and Triple Clamp USD kit. Now the fork is completeley adjustable and the bike is more stable and driveable in every condition, with a perfect feeling with the rider. 

400 mm adjustable Bitubo ( shock absorbers are now working in the rear part of the bike, featuring adjustable rebound and compression damping, adjustable length and integrated hydraulic spring preload adjuster. 

But after all this we were not completely satisfied, so we installed our new Riser Blocks to redistribute part of the weight from the back to the front part of the bike. 


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