Triumph Scrambler by Free Spirits for 2014 Verona Motor Bike Expo

It’s Carnival time and Harlequin arrived at Free Spirits secret laboratory at the feet of former Summano Vulcan.
It’s a joke, of course, because the Harlequin we’re speaking about has two wheels, an engine, one eye at the front… and some others at the rear as you will see.
Indeed, Harlequin is the name Marcello gave to Free Spirits last bike, the Triumph Scrambler turned into a flat track bike for 2014 Verona Motor Bike Expo.
The event is going to take place from Friday 24th to Sunday 26th January, at Verona Fiera. Meet us at the pavilion 1, we’re there with some friends, you’ll be our guest and we’ll drink a glass of special Prosecco admiring our last works.

“Motor Bike Expo is the first Italian motorbike event. It’s a national event but has a big international appeal – said Marcello Fontana, Free Spirits deus ex machina. Further, the pavilion 1 where we are usually, will be totally dedicated to Scrambler and cafe racer style motorbikes. And we are going to show a special Scrambler. That is why we do want to make a good impression!”

Following its traditional philosophy, Free Spirits modified a Triumph Scrambler without cutting any part of the bike. In that way, if the owner should have to restore the bike as the original version, he just had to dismount all the items. Items which are developed and specifically created inside Free Spirits laboratory and CNC machined. “Items made in Carrè, in Vicenza district, in Italy and by craftsmen – point out Marcello Fontana – and therefore not made (somewhere else) ‘for’ Italy. Maybe for someone it is a little difference, while for us is fundamental!”.

The Triumph Scrambler has been turned in a flat track bike, changing with functional parts both mechanical and aesthetic bike’s specification, in order to make it closer to such kind of bike and to improve riding experience.
Adjustments regard engine, chassis and special parts.

Engine and transmission

Triumph Scrambler keeps the original twin made in Hinckley, but it has been improved with two new waterproof SF filters and an additional TFI unit.
The filters, directly linked to the throttle bodies, are exposed to the air with the conic part and also placed in the riding direction. In that way the engine can receive a bigger air flow than usual, exploiting also the 57 mm diameter of the pipe.
This solution was possible thanks to a 180° degree angle of the pipe but, because of the bigger air flow, engine needs an extra TFI unit to calibrate the output. The fuel injector unit can be set in 3 different mapping and there is also the possibility to set a personalised map, in order to satisfy any riding style and ability.
The engine gains some more power, but the most important thing is the riding experience enhancement. Which is the reason why Free Spirits solutions born.

A more dynamic bike deserves a belt transmission, which reduces the loss of power between transmission box and rear wheel. And also eliminates maintenance (not cleaning, not greasing, which are necessary on chain transmission).
The 130 teeth belt requires a dynamic belt tensioner, realised by Free Spirits in billet aluminium, designed to keep a constant but light tension on the belt throughout swing-arm movement. The reduced stress and shock loads not only benefit and prevent premature lengthen of the belt but also, and above all, reduces stress from wheel and gearbox output bearings.

Hinckley twin shouts through a new 2 in 2 exhaust system made in 1 mm gauge stainless steel, realised to improve the Scrambler behaviour at high outputs.
Its distinctive characteristic is the shape: Free Spirits designers wanted to give to the headers a soul, and the final result is very sensual, almost sexy and exciting giving a look under the saddle.
The exhaust system design is not invasive with the entire bike design, you can barely note it.
The exhaust pipe ends with a pair of mufflers just under the fiberglass tail, like an aggressive sport bike.
As it is a flat track bike.


To convert a classic style bike like is the Triumph Scrambler, it was unavoidable to shake up the front, changing riding position and suspension.

The handlebar is lower and larger, for a new sporting riding position loaded forward. To fit the bike with the new handlebar, was necessary to create a dedicated handlebar risers specifically developed to install oversize (fat bars) 1-1/18 inches (28.5 mm) handlebars.

Suspension have been totally changed.
At the front there is 45 mm longer fork for a 165 mm travel, borrowing the Triumph America sheath. Inside the fork, the valve kit improves stability and control in case of road bad condition, much to the advantage of riding comfort and safety.
In collaboration with Bitubo, has been developed a new adjustable system for the front fork to get a more sport dynamic. It’s a solution suitable for original Scrambler stem, with the exception of the flute, produced in ergal by Free Spirits.
This solution takes inspiration from old style superbikes: indeed, thanks to a screw, from the bottom of the fork, oil volume passage inside the fork can be adjusted to increase or decrease cushioning effect  on the front.
Turning the screw and regulating oil (which is more fluid) passage, Triumph Scrambler gain a fully adjustable hydraulic front suspension (in extension and progression).
For this new fork, has been necessary to develop a new light alloy CNC machined triple trees.

At the rear, to balance the bigger cushioning effect, with a couple of 400 mm Bitubo absorber (40 mm longer than original).
From a Triumph America has been borrowed the rear fork, which is longer than Scrambler one: the pace now is increased and it improves bike’s traction.
The absorber, with the longer swingarm borrowed from Triumph America, have a bigger travel now which has to be balanced: so Free Spirits developed new alloy steel CNC machined risers which also increases stiffness for a better behaviour in the entire turn.

The new dynamic developed by Free Spirits is controlled through a new braking system realised in collaboration with Newfren.
To stop the front wheel there is a 340 mm diameter floating disc while at the rear a 300 mm diameter floating disc.
Brembo callipers with 4 pistons clamp both the front and the rear disc.

Triumph Scrambler flat track output is let off by two 17 inches spokes Kineo wheels, which wear a 120/70 tyre at the front and a 180/55 tyre at the rear.

Special parts to improve riding comfort, to protect the motorbike and to enhance riding experience

Original motorbikes born with standard that may not fit common use, or even personal style of riding.
Free Spirits was born with the commitment to enhance rider's comfort once on the seat and to protect bike's parts. All the following elements are developed to protect bike’s parts but also to grant rider safety.

You probably have already had some problem of space between foot rest and gear/brake leverage when wearing boots.
To avoid this matter, Free Spirits designed and produced new alloy footrests, shaped it in order to work also with rigid soled boots and to protect against obstacles. The footrests hasn't a regular shape: indeed the front face has been cut to increase space for the boots and to move the gear up and down and to brake with the entire part of the foot.

Another important issue is motorbike’s parts protection, in the misfortune and unwished cases of fall.
In collaboration with Bolcato Meccanica, a local firm which develops solution for racing bikes, special folding adjustable leverages both for clutch and brake have been used.
Leverages are folding, reducing the risk of  breakage in case of fall. Every rider knows that is quite impossible to ride a bike with no clutch leverage. Therefore, once fallen, the leverage fold up and the risk it breaks is reduced.
The master cylinder guard has been developed to protect the vulnerable rear master cylinder from damage which could lock the rear brake.
The new engine crash pad spreads the power of the collision to more points, avoiding absolutely to concentrate it in one point.
Last, but not the least, there's also a sprocket guard, compatible with belt drive conversion kit.


If the mechanical part has been realised inside Free Spirits laboratory, graphic part has been developed by a very young artist. Mortiz Bree, Uli Bree’s younger child, painted head light mask, tank an tail following his own fantasy, giving his touch of fresh and happy youth with this coloured creation.
The Triumph Scrambler Flat Track by Free Spirits, baptized Harlequin by Marcello, is a one seat bike. The saddle is finished with coloured seams and Moritz’s name is stitched in the upper part.
The front replicates the Union Jack, the United Kingdom flag, the tank is an explosion of shining colours among which there is, again, the UK flag which is recalled at the back, passing through the black&white tail, a tribute to Free Spirits traditional colours.

The tail has been totally modified, to recall the typical flat track bike style. As Free Spirits philosophy, any part of the original Scrambler has been cut.
The result is very harmonious, at first glance.
The lighting group is fixed to the rear frame with a dedicated anodized billet aluminum support. All the lights are LED technology lights.
As the rear mudguard has been removed, it has been necessary to find a solution to fix the plate. So, since any part of the bike has been cut and having removed the original exhaust, the rear support was available and therefore was exploited to fix the specifically designed bracket.
Its shape is not casual: indeed, to harmonize the Triumph Scrambler rear part design, bracket design recall belt transmission curving shape.

Triumph Scrambler by Free Spirits ready for 2014 Verona Motor Bike Expo

Now the Triumph Scrambler Flat Track by Free Spirits, or Harlequin as Marcello calls the bike, is ready to be shown as world premiere at the 2014 Verona Motor Bike Expo this week end.

All the innovations have been developed to enhance riding experience but also both rider’s safety and bikers’ protection.
The items are all CNC machined specifically developed to satisfy the needs of a safe and great riding experience.
Free Spirits delivers these items also in different colours. It is the only profane license the Italian firm admits to itself.

Free Spirits philosophy in developing motorbikes’ special parts is to do not cut any part of the bike and to realise convertible modification. In that way, bike’s owner can restore the original style of his own bike whenever he wants.
Furthermore, all innovative items are developed inside Free Spirits headquarter in Carrè, some in collaboration with other Italian smart companies that share the concept of improving bike features and riding experience.
Which means that these items are totally made in Italy and not for Italy.


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