Day 8 - Exhaust, tail light, style

Here we are. Graphic parts arrived few days ago to Free Spirits secret laboratory and we mounted them on the Triumph Scrambler, in time for last works before 2014 Verona Motor Bike Expo (from Friday 24 to Sunday 26 January @ Verona Fiera, come to meet us inside pavilion 1).

Let the stylish part at the end and speak about exhaust. We want to make the more symmetrical work as possible and we quite made it.
The exhaust is a 2in2 system made in 1 mm gauge stainless steel, realised to improve the Scrambler dynamic at high outputs.
Its distinctive characteristic is the shape: Free Spirits designers wanted to give to these tubes a soul, and we think it’s very sensual. Very sexy, honestly.
The exhaust system isn’t invasive with the entire bike design, you can barely note it. Let’s give a look under the saddle: what do you think about that exciting shape?
The exhaust pipe ends with a pair of mufflers just under the tail, like an aggressive sport bike.
As it is a flat track bike.

If you’re asking what about the engine power, nevermind. We don’t care about it. Free Spirits is a producer of special parts and creates solution to improve bike riding experience, it’s not a simple bike customizer.
If we draw a graphic to demonstrate the engine behavior with SF waterproof filters and the extra TFI unit, we should probably demonstrate that it’s increased. But don’t mind how much.

Since we want to convert a Scrambler in a flat track bike, we knew from the beginning that we have to drastically change the tail, but always following our philosophy to don’t cut any part of the bike.
So, what we did?
First of all, we wanted to give a graceful face to the tail and we chose circular elements, such as the lighting group and the muffler. The result is very harmonious, at first glance.
The lighting group is fixed to the rear frame with a dedicated support made in our laboratory in anodized billet aluminum. All the lights are LED technology lights.

As we remove the rear mudguard, we had to find a solution for the plate. We’ve already said we don’t cut any part of the bikes, so we exploit a part that remained unutilized after removing the classic Scrambler exhaust on the right side. So, we developed a bracket made in CNC machined aluminum to  be fixed at the rear support, just under the saddle.
The shape isn’t casual: indeed, to harmonize the Triumph Scrambler rear part, we shaped the bracket to copy the belt transmission.
Also the plate light is a LED light.

Now, let’s speak about the style. You were looking forward to see how it could be our Triumph Scrambler, weren’t you!?
As we previously said, we decided to let to a child’s art the task to draw the bike style. Moritz Bree made a fantastic job.
At the front, the head light mask take inspiration to the Union Jack, the United Kingdom flag. The tank is a joy of color that only a child can conceive. Usually, the 99% of cafe racer bikes are dark. Moritz give his touch of color, his touch of fresh and happy youth with this colored creation. At the back, the black&white tail crossed by a red line (which gives continuity also to the UK flag on the tank upper face) is a clear tribute to Free Spirits traditional colors.

The Triumph Scrambler Flat Track by Free Spirits, baptized Harlequin by Marcello, is a one seat bike. The saddle is finished with colored seams.

Now let’s give a look to the entire final work.
Probably, you will not see so many bike like this. A special bike set by Free Spirits for 2014 Verona Motor Bike Expo, with technical and aesthetical solution which improve riding experience.

We’re ready to go. Jump on and ride on!

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