Day 7 - Brakes and wheels

Our Triumph Scrambler is taking shape day by day and the job inside Free Spirits hidden laboratory  is very hard, even if we've been distracted for a while after an old woman riding a broom stopped by us. She had some carburation issues and she asked to fix them. Probably, Santa gave her an advice after his pit stop by our laboratory on Christmas Eve.

As you can see, we have to work a lot on our motorbikes, but also to others' vehicles.

Let's come back to our Triumph Scrambler, this is the bike we are going to show to 2014 Verona Motor Bike Expo, not the Befana's broom!
We improve engine and bike's dynamics with new SF water proof filter and an additional TFI unit. That means the Triumph Scrambler has little bit more power, but also that this power has to be controlled. And stopped.

Therefore, we consider the idea to use a good braking system.
So, thanks also to the important support by Newfren, we developed a new front floating disc (340 mm diameter) while at the rear, after several tests, we decided for an exaggerated 300 mm diameter floating disc.
Both at the front and at the rear, we used Brembo callipers with 4 pistons.
Regarding the smart solution for brake (and clutch) leverages, we've already said. But don't try if they're really useful.

We also changed the original wheels with two 17” spokes Kineo wheels. At the front there is a 120/70 tyre while at the back a 180/55 tyre.

We're quite ready to test it on the road. What's missing? Oh yes of coure, exhaust and tail aren't arrived yet.
We asked you little bit more patience. There are still some weeks to Verona Motor Bike Expo. You will find us from Friday 24 to Monday 26 January, Verona fair @ pavillion 1.

Or keep on read about our new Triumph Scrambler here.

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