Day 6 - Smart solution

The road map towards 2014 Verona Motor Bike Expo (24 – 26 January) goes on day by day following a good pace, even under Christmas holidays.
Free Spirits staff recovered very well after new year eve parties and all the guys are ready to start again to mill, to turn and to refine to set the Triumph Scrambler.
Indeed, there are several works to do on the bike, and none of these are stupid, in other words, all of them are very important to enhance rider's comfort once on the seat and to protect bike's parts.

For instance, regarding the comfort, we guess many of you have ridden a motorbike with boots instead of normal shoes, haven't you?
Well, how has been that experience? Maybe, the space between the footrest and the gear/brake leverage was too narrow? Not enough and you've had to brake with the tip of your boot? And the grip has been very poor?
Well, honestly, it happened also to us and now we decide to avoid to repeat it!
How? With one of Free Spirits hidden laboratory's smart solution, of course!
Therefore, we developed a new alloy footrest CNC machined and we shaped it in order to work also with rigid soled boots and to protect against obstacles. As you can see, the footrest hasn't a regular shape: it has a slope in the front, so you can have enough space for the boot to move the gear up and down and to brake with the entire part of the foot.

Regarding parts' protection, we thought to some solutions for that parts which arent' so common to protect.

The first one regards clutch and brake leverages. If you're asking why, our because is to reduce breakage in unluckily case of fall.
So, in collaboration with Bolcato Meccanica, a local firm which finds solution for racing bikes, we mount special folding adjustable leverages both for clutch and brake. You read right: they are folding so, in case of fall they don't break. Have you ever tried to ride a bike with a broken clutch leverage? It's quite impossible to ride the bike. Clearly, we don't wish you to fall to convince you that our is a very smart solution, we guess you understood it: once fallen, the leverage fold up and the risk it breaks is reduced.

The second one regards protection of different parts. All the elements are made in alloy and are machined from solid.
Inside Free Spirits laboratory, guys are milling the master cylinder guard, to protect the vulnerable rear master cylinder from damage which could lock the rear brake.
The new engine crash pad spread the power of the collision to more points, avoiding absolutely to concentrate it in one point (another solution tested hardly during race season...).
Last, but not the least, there's also a sprocket guard, compatible with belt drive conversion kit.

If you ever wonder, yes all these alloy parts machined from solid are available also in different colours.

Furthermore, for us is very important to clarify that these smart solutions are developed inside Free Spirits headquarter, some in collaboration with other Italian smart companies that share with us the concept of improving bike.
Which means that the parts we use to personalised the Scrambler, as well all the other bike entering Free Spirits hidden laboratory – are entirely made in Italy and not for Italy.

Well, our Triumph Scrambler flat track is growing. We're all looking forward to test it on the street.

Follow us to discover further modification to to bike. And come to 2014 Verona Motor Bike Expo. Free Spirits wait for you inside pavilion 1.

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