Day 5 - Graphic and design

Triumph is a legendary motorbike brand. Free Spirits is proud to develop a new concept of Triumph Scrambler which will be shown at forthcoming 2014 Verona Motor Bike Expo (24-26 January, Verona fair) as a world premiere and then at the 2014 Triumph Tridays (19-22 June, Neukirchen).

This time we’re not going to describe any technical part. Because a bike is made not only by chain, valve, absorbers etc.. The aesthetic characteristic and design are also important.

If last year the graphic concept was developed by Steven Flier, German artist based in Stuttgart with his own Graphik Atelier, who was able to mix and concentrate both Triumph and Free Spirits origin with a clean design.

This year we move a step forward. We’re not scary about it and we want to surprise. Giving a chance to a younger artist who demonstrate to appreciate our work.
Even if he’s very young, he already has a quite good motorbike experience. Maybe it’s something genetic, who knows? Maybe he has been influenced by his father, who is involved somehow in motorbike world.

This young artist’s name is Moritz Bree. Maybe you’ve already seen, riding a mini chromed bike among your legs with his eyes shining under his blond hair.
His surname doesn’t sound new to your ears? You’re right. He’s Uli Bree’s youngest son. Any recommendation,  only a little encouragement for this 9 years old boy who loves bikes.

Do you want a preview? We cannot anticipate too much….

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