Day 4 - Suspension

Converting a Triumph Scrambler in a flat track motorbike means that we had to modify both suspension and traction, because the bike isn’t for off road use anymore.
Furthermore, we want to give to riders an excellent riding experience through a excellent feeling with the bike.

Suspension is one of the characteristic that impress riders at first ride: vibration and asphalt condition influence the rider opinion about bike and we want to eliminate every bad feeling.

At the front, we now have a  bigger travel fork. We kept original Triumph Scrambler stem which course on a longer Triumph America sheath. Now the fork has a 165 mm travel, 45 mm longer than original.
To improve fork stability and control (clearly speaking, the fork behavior in case of bad condition of the street) we also used the valve kit.

We introduce an absolute new in motorcycling field, something not so ordinary to see.
Indeed, in collaboration with Mauro, Bitubo suspension technician who collaborate with us, we developed a new adjustable system for the front fork to get a more sport dynamic.
It’s a solution suitable for original Scrambler stem, with the exception of the flute, we produced in ergal.
This solution takes inspiration from old style Ducati sbk: indeed, thanks to a screw, from the bottom of the fork you can adjust the oil volume passage inside the fork, so you can have a more absorbed fork.
Turning the screw and regulating oil (more fluid) passage, you can ride a Triumph Scrambler with a fully adjustable front suspension: yes, you can regulate hydraulic extension and progression. Let see if we can also regulate compression for a more sporting ride as well as. We’re working hard also for this aim!

At the rear we need to balance the new front suspension and therefore we think to use a couple of 400 mm Bitubo absorber (40 mm longer than original). Furthermore, we develop new risers, CNC machined inside Free Spirits laboratory in tempered alloy steel, they reduce the absorber extra inclination and progression.

Hey, it’s a flat track bike, isn’t it? Well, it needs traction, so what do we have to do? To enhance traction, my dears! So, at the rear, let’s adopt Triumph America rear fork which is longer than Scrambler one. The pitch between front and rear wheel in now longer and the bike gain a better traction.

Don’t tell us we don’t think to any riding need…
We also want to make you note that every modification is convertible, which means that you can restore the original setting of the bike because we didn’t cut any part of the Scrambler chassis.

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