Day 2 - Filters

Scrambler is a word that perfectly suits us. Indeed, it comes from the English verb “to scramble” which means to mix. The Triumph Scrambler is a street bike but, if we change some characteristics, it became a bike able to face easy off road paths. Speak with riders of our Bisbetica and Scaltra at Tridays 2013: the path wasn't that easy!
Well, about 60 years ago, the firs bikes were called Scrambler to jump in the country side. We do a jump too, but not back in time but in the concept: this bike entered in our hidden laboratory as a Scrambler and will go out as a flat track. That has been decided at the feet of Summano Vulcan.
We are starting to thing that we feel the influence of the former Vulcan!

To be clear, the belly Free Spirits' laboratory will never create an exotic more than hundred hp bike. You perfectly know that our philosophy is to change (in a totally reversible way) bikes to improve their technical characteristics. And it's exactly what we've just started to do.
Time goes by very fast and time to Motor Bike Expo is shorter day by day. Well, how can we start? 

Since we decided to set a flat track bike, we can begin from the engine: it needs to be stronger!

So, let's set the output: the original Hinckley's twin need two good nostrils to breath better. Yep, we mean filters. Because, as we want to set them, they really look like two nostrils because they transport air flow inside the engine.
Usually, customiser set the filters directly to the throttle body under the seat. Looking at the conical shape of the SF filters, we didn't only think to mount them expose to the air, but also to face the air with their narrow part. In this way, the amount of air flowing into the engine is bigger. 
By this solution, possible with an angle of 180° elbow (the pipe internal diameter is 57 mm, produced by a unique patented process that allows the use of thin walled light weight construction), due to the quantity of air flow, there is the need to correct the resulting mixture: therefore was absolutely necessary to add an extra “fuel injector unit” to add fuel. The TFI unit can be adjust in 3 different position, depend on the desired output, without using any computer. One of the maps, can be personalised by the rider. Check the TFI simulator to see how it works.
Don't worry about where and how to set it: it's small enough.
Further, SF filters we used are also water proof so, in case we suddenly meet a summer storm, there is no need to run (in the respect of the legal street limits and of our own awareness!) to take shelters under some bridge or roof (or inside a bus stop box if we are shameless).

The aesthetical part of our (former) Scrambler is changing and we have many different choices. Also for the flat track style tail.

Meanwhile, the technical part is going on and we are quite (not at all) satisfied. 
Another day goes by. Let's see what will happen next days, inside the belly of Free Spirits' hidden laboratory.

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