Day 1 - Presentation Triumph Scrambler Flat Track!

It’s time to work inside Free Spirits secret laboratory, based at the feet of the former Summano Vulcan.

We are very busy to set new bikes for 2014 Motor Bike Expo in Verona. It’s the first national motorbike event and we do want to make a good impression!

We decided to work again on a Triumph Scrambler: the model seduced us and we are sure that Triumph Scrambler SM we presented at Glemseck 101 8 Runde at the end of August 2013 is our best Triumph model we’ve ever realised.
It’s a classic bike, good to ride on the street as well on easy off road paths. Did you see our Scaltra and Bisbetica during Tridays 2013 last summer during the Rumbler?

This time we want to wander away from the concept of “allround-bike”, as the Scrambler has been conceived originally and to remain on the asphalt. This time we want to dare, to move towards another limit: well, after the motard, another Scrambler will be convert in something will surprise you.

The clock move faster than we wish.

We are going to touch an untouched Scrambler: we look at it, we perfectly know which kind of work we want to do. The point is: how? You know us very well, so what do you think? Have we ever given up? No, never! Rather, we use to go on this direction, looking for our new limits. Although, in our secret laboratory at the feet of Summano Vulcan, we don’t enjoy a lot!

Well, let’s go on on this classic English bike. It will go out from our laboratory as a flat track bike!

Follow us to discover every single evolution.

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