Kevin Carmichael Stunt Bike Summary

This year at Free Spirits we had an unexpected request: build Kevin Carmichael's motorcycle, Triumph official Stuntman. 

The working base is a modern-classic Triumph Scrambler, officially launched at the 2014 Tridays event (

We are not used to be customizers, but more likely special parts producers (take a look at, so we were a little skeptical, but we like challenges so we just started this new project!!

Video Triumph Scrambler Kevin Carmichael Stunt Bike

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Kevin Carmichael Stunt Bike - Day 6 - Special parts and final result

We are about to get the work done, but nothing could be really complete without a fine selection of accessories taken directly from the Free Spirits catalogue.
First of all we were worried about safety: so here we go with Skid Plate kit, front axle protectors, sprocket cover, scrambler master cylinder guard.

Then came the looks, so we used a new headlight mask, rear number plate, scrambler license plate bracket, off road foot rests, ignition switch relocation bracket and a new dash board.

Last but not least, one of the most important parts for a stunt bike: the rear-end plate to perform wheelies!

Graphics for the bike have been designed by Kevin's friend Andrew and final painting has been carried out by Andrea from Green Car (, Carré (VI - Italy).

The stunt-bike is now complete! 

Click here for 360° View

Kevin Carmichael Stunt Bike - Day 5 - Transmission

A stunt-bike, as you may know, is a motorcycle built to run on one wheel without effort and to get wheelies with a simple throttle turn, independently by the horse power. How can it do that? With the proper transmission, of course!

We re-projected it to have the maximum torque at low rpm with a new 18 teeth-9mm offset pinion to center the new 180mm rear tyre, together with a 65 teeth sprocket and 525 chain.

To complete our work we fitted our dinamic chain tensioner.

Wheels are 17” Kineo ( super lightweight elements.


Kevin Carmichael Stunt Bike - Day 4 - Intake


Air must flow, so we revisited the entire intake system which now consists in a High Flow aircleaner kit with Sprint Filter ( conic filters and new angle-pipe manifolds, together with our ECM Tfi unit for a perfect mixture of air and fuel.


The exhaust system has been entirely hand crafted to get the highest performance and an awesome look.

Now you can almost see the final shape of the stunt-bike!

Kevin Carmichael Stunt Bike - Day 3 - Brake

Third day is dedicated to the braking system. Having a perfect setup is strictly necessary to perform all the tricks a stuntman does!

The front wheel is fitted with two 340 mm Newfren rotors with Brembo radial calipers, for the extreme stoppie!

In the rear part we have a single 300 mm Newfren ( rotor with two separated calipers, operated by two different levers: one activated (as usual) by the right foot, the other, a Bolcato Racing ( adjustable piece, installed on the handlebar. Absolutely useless for a normal biker but essential for a stuntman!

The perfect oil flow is granted by Brembo 19x20 radial pumps. 

Kevin Carmichael Stunt Bike - Day 2 - Suspensions


Our work starts from the chassis: suspensions and fork must be totally revisited, keeping in mind that the goal is creating a Stunt Bike: wheelies, stoppies and burnouts need to be done in the easier and safer way possible. 

The stock fork goes away and is replaced by a Speed Triple one, together with our Preload Adjustment kit, Springs kit and Triple Clamp USD kit. Now the fork is completeley adjustable and the bike is more stable and driveable in every condition, with a perfect feeling with the rider. 

400 mm adjustable Bitubo ( shock absorbers are now working in the rear part of the bike, featuring adjustable rebound and compression damping, adjustable length and integrated hydraulic spring preload adjuster. 

But after all this we were not completely satisfied, so we installed our new Riser Blocks to redistribute part of the weight from the back to the front part of the bike.